• 9-Step Guide to Keeping Your House Clean While Working from Home

  • Everyone knows the first step to getting some productive work done while working from home is to clean your house, right? First, you start clearing a small area so you can work, and then you notice all the other places that need cleaning, and it’s hard to get back to your work. So here are the facts: you are working from home and probably will be for the foreseeable future. You will notice more areas in your home that call out for attention. It is going to drive you crazy and distract you from what you are supposed to be doing — working. Here are some simple tricks to keep your home in shape as you stay indoors to keep yourself and your family safe from the pandemic.

    Make a weekly chart.

    As simple as it may sound, this actually helps. First, sort out the big tasks — sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. These are crucial to hygiene and are also labor and time intensive. Decide how often this needs to be done. The frequency depends on how many people you have in the house and how prone it is to dust, smoke etc. If you have children and elderly persons in the house, you probably should do this more frequently than people living alone. A good rule of thumb is once every 4 days. If by the third day, the sight of the floor is giving you nightmares, lessen the duration between cleans. If it still looks fine by the 4th, maybe you can extend it to 5 days.

    Next, sort out each section of the house and how often it needs to be cleaned. The kitchen is a place that will need to be constantly clean. But you can create a schedule for recurring tasks and put it in a time of day that leaves you with more time to do a thorough job. Do all the prep for each day’s meals in one go and that leaves you with a clear idea of when to take the garbage out.

    Scatter the smaller tasks throughout the day and the bigger ones throughout the week. Having it all sorted out into a weekly chart will help you focus on your work and let go of that temptation to start cleaning while you should be working.

    Make it easier on yourself.

    If you are not used to handling the cleaning on your own, look for gadgets that make your tasks easier. Scope the internet for innovative and user-friendly equipment designed to make house cleaning easier. From robot cleaners to self-wringing mops, invest in gadgets that will ease your load in whatever is currently taking up too much of your time (or leaving you with a backache) Consider it an investment into your sense of wellbeing.

    Be more organized.

    While you are at it, also invest in some proper storage devices. Did you always have your eyes on those big storage bins to put away the kids’ old toys? Or think of putting up a rack for memorabilia? Do you think the refrigerator could benefit from smaller, stackable boxes? Or maybe your workstation could do with some organizing. Whatever it is that you have pushed away as a random thought before, now is the time to put it in action. Not only will your household feel clean, but you will keep yourself sane.

    Share the load.

    And this cannot be stressed enough! There is something each member of your family can do that will lessen your stress even if by a minute. Make use of it. Not only will it give you more time to focus on your work, but it will also increase the feeling of “being in this together” and create a more positive vibe in the household.

    Be ruthless with clutter.

    You have heard about the benefits of decluttering and told yourself you need to do it, and now is a perfect opportunity. Do a realistic appraisal of everything in your cupboards and sort into “re-use,” “recycle,” “donate,” or “trash.” Be harsh. The space you free up will be worth the heartache of letting go. And it is so much easier to keep your home clean when there is proper space in which to store the stuff you really need.

    Pinpoint the troublemakers.

    Is your habit of snacking at your worktable causing crumbs to create an unsightly mess on your floor? Are the children leaving paper scraps around after their craft project? Things you don’t routinely pay a lot of attention can create more of a mess than you would think. Now is the time to instill some discipline — both in yourself and in your family members. Be strict with cleaning up after yourself. Enforce a “start-to-finish” routine for every task to prevent piling up of messes.  

    Time yourself.

    Figure out exactly how long it takes to carry out tasks you have been putting off because you thought you didn’t have the time. You might come to the realization that cleaning out that cupboard or rearranging your shelves takes a lot less time than you had imagined. This makes it easier the next time you have to do it. You know already it isn’t going to take all day so you won’t feel reluctant to start.

    Try out the hacks.

    Remember those videos you watch aimlessly while you are supposed to be working? This is the best time to see if they work. Put some baking soda and vinegar on the underside of your favorite saucepan and see if it clears up (it does!). Wipe your faucets with some soda and see them shine. This is when you can tell yourself that it truly wasn’t a waste of time; it was research on keeping your home spotless.

    Call in the professionals.

    You have managed to stay ahead of the dirt and workload that threatened to suffocate you. Depending on the easing of restrictions in your city, book a professional home cleaning service when you can. There is a great deal of satisfaction from having a perfectly clean home while you get to put your feet up for a bit. Perhaps you will also glean some great tips on how to maintain the level of cleanliness when you resume your work life.

    Here’s to a clean and healthy household and a fruitful work from home routine!


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