• How to Choose Low-Maintenance Hardwood Flooring

  • Hardwood floors can be a beautiful and long-lasting investment to a house, but some types will last longer, offer more durability, and need less maintenance. Homeowners with young children need to be especially mindful of durability and maintenance because, as parents know, youngsters can be rough when playing. Even those who just want to get the most out of their investment with the least amount of maintenance can benefit from a little bit of deliberation. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your hardwood floors.

    Hardness of Wood

    You might go to the store and find yourself falling in love with the grain of a particular kind of wood, but some, such as many species of evergreen, are not the best for high-traffic areas or homes with young children. Hickory offers a high degree of long-lasting durability, and the wood is hard enough to handle a child’s daily play. Many varieties of wood that are not native to the United States are also as hard (if not harder) than hickory. If you prefer a warmer hue, try Brazilian oak or Brazilian cherry.


    Although bamboo is a hard material that resists scratches and dings, when you have children, it’s impossible to avoid them altogether. Since bamboo has a less pronounced grain, any scratches will be more prominent. A heavier grain will hide the inevitable scratches and dings better. Hickory and oak are both good choices because the pattern is varied.

    Stain Color

    Choosing a stain that is close to the natural color of the wood is a smart way of hiding any possible dents or scratches. When a scratch exposes the unstained, natural wood, it will be less noticeable if the stain closely matches the natural wood color. Therefore, a lighter stain would be a better option.

    Protective Finish

    Wood floors can go a long time between sanding and staining when they are well-maintained. Polyurethane is a popular option because a couple of coats will protect the wood underneath. Also, when the polyurethane becomes scratched, you can apply another coat directly without sanding.

    Children can be hard on your home, but when you’re purchasing new hardwood floors, a little knowledge can help your floors stay newer looking for longer periods.

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