• Is Your Carpet Harming Your Health?

  •  Your home’s carpets soon become part of the everyday scenery, and apart from a quick vacuum every week or so, you might not pay them very much attention. But that could be a mistake with negative impacts on the health of you and your family.

    Even regularly vacuumed carpets can harbor some serious health risks unless they’re thoroughly cleaned, and here are six of the most common problems you could face.

    1) Irritations and Allergies

    If you find you often have unexplained rashes, itches, and other skin irritations, or your eyes start streaming for no apparent reason, your carpet could be the culprit. Its fibers can tenaciously hold on to allergens and contaminants from pet hairs to pollen, with the reservoir building up over months and years.

    Adding to the problem, vacuuming your carpet can actually make these allergic effects worse, as the microscopic particles are pushed into the air while you work, becoming more easily available to irritate your eyes and skin.

    2) Breathing Problems

    An even more serious situation is the effect these contaminants can have on your breathing. When carpets have ingrained dirt, even at the level of microscopic particles, the air quality in your home can be progressively lowered. And when you spend so much time at home breathing this poorer air, it can make you more susceptible to breathing difficulties including coughs, breathlessness and even asthma.

    3) Mold Issues

    Mold in a home is linked to many health issues, from triggering allergies to causing sneezing fits. Unfortunately, carpets are the perfect haven for the tiny mold spores, making it difficult to completely cure a mold problem in your home once it becomes established.

    4) Dust Mites

    Left to multiply without interference, dust mites can quickly become entrenched in a carpet. Not only is it an unpleasant thought to know there are thousands of these tiny creatures living in your home, but an infestation can encourage allergies and increase the severity of attacks.

    5) Weaker Immune System

    If your body is constantly having to fight off the attention of bacteria and other microbes hidden in your carpet, it can slowly but surely become weaker, leaving you open to any number of minor diseases and infections. If you seem to catch every troublesome bug that goes around, could your carpet be part of the problem?

    6) Digestive Complaints

    Lastly, it might seem strange to blame your carpets for any digestive issues you may occasionally face. However, carpets can host legions of unseen microbes from salmonella to E. coli and even worse, all living on minute amounts of organic matter trodden in from outdoors.

    Getting sick from these bugs is a particular risk for young children, who can easily transfer the bacteria from floor to mouth as they play.

    For all these reasons and more, it pays to have your carpets regularly cleaned with a professional steam or chemical cleaner. Industrial-strength machines can do a thorough job of removing even the tiniest of contaminants from your carpets, making your home a much healthier place to live. For professional carpet care, call us at 407-864-9680. Lightning Carpet Care can help keep your investment by adding longevity with their thorough cleaning to keep your carpets looking new.


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