• Carpet Repairs

  • Lightning Carpet Care offers repairs on carpet and padding. Many homes have carpet wrinkles that need attention to prevent trip hazards, while others have tattered or ripped carpets. We can help!

    Lightning Carpet Care uses heavy duty tools to take care of those wrinkles that may have been caused by lack of correct installation or by dragging furniture across the room. An initial inspection by Lightning Carpet Care can determine what is best to lock your carpets in place so that you'll never have to worry about wrinkles again.

    Plus, we include carpet pad replacement! This is especially useful for places where strong smells lurk in your carpets, or lingering pet odors. Every pad varies in size and thickness, so let Lightning Carpet Care do a complimentary inspection to determine if pad replacement is the right step for you. We suggest clearing a room of furniture when you do plan to have a carpet pad replaced, for ease of installation.